Vintage Motorcycle Spares Australia - From Adler to Zundapp
Here on offer, a classic Jawa Twin restored by Rick:
1951 Jawa 350 twin ‘perak’
Engine and frame number 18-14353
Technical specification: 350cc two-stroke, bore x stroke = 58 x 65 mm; Power output: 4HP at 4000 rpm. 4 Speed gearbox with semi-automatic clutch; Wheel size : 19 inch. Weight : 123kg (dry);
Handlebar width : 70 cm. Seat height : 70cm
The Czech motorcycle manufacturer “Jawa” surprised the world with a new and modern looking 250cc motorcycle at the Paris Expo in 1946. It was called the “Perak” the Czech word for “Springer”. Secretly developed during the war in the Nazi-occupied Czech-Republic, the Perak featured telescopic frontforks and plunger-unit rear suspension. Initially the Perak was only available as a 250 single but in 1950 Jawa began the production of the 350 twin. The 350 Perak was built from 1950-1954. Today vintage Jawa motorcycles are very popular with enthusiasts worldwide and spare parts are still being made in the Czech Republic, of very good quality and readily available in Ebay-stores like ours.
The Jawa that we offer for sale has just undergone a “ground-up” restoration. This includes:  Complete strip down of all painted components to bare metal followed by rust-proofing and a 2-pack enamel finish.Full rebuild of all mechanical components:Engine,gearbox,suspension,brakes and wheels have all been completely stripped down and rebuild. All new bowdencables and electrical wiring.  Complete new exhaust system from the Czech Republic made to exact Jawa specs.  The saddle and the speedo are also brandnew accurately Czech-made replicas.  The wheels are refurbished with Italian made chrome Raedelli rims, Australian made zinc-plated spokes are fitted and brandnew tyres and tubes.  Rebuild 6v electrics. The original perak electrics were not its strongest selling point so we have upgraded it with the much more reliable components of the later jawa models.
The complete ignitionsystem is brandnew, points, condensors, coils ,wiring and switch; everything is brandnew.
  • New 1 oversize pistons with re-bored barrels.
  • Complete crankshaft rebuilt.
  • New clutchplates and primary chain
  • All new bearings ,seals and gaskets.
Restoring a 1950s motorcycle to a professional standard is not cheap! The parts bill alone adds up to over $ 4500 , add to that the purchase price of $ 500(that is what I paid for the dismantled, incomplete project).
I also like to get something for the 100 plus hours that I have put into this restoration.I charge a modest $ 30 per hr for customer work. $ 30 x 100 hrs makes $ 3000Based on these figures we have to ask $ 8000 but we are open to sensible offers.
We can deliver the bike to a transport company in Melbourne for interstate shipping.Transport to Melbourne will cost approx $200,00
A deposit of 10% is required within 48 hours after purchase into our bank account. The remaining amount to be paid within 7 days into our bank account or on pickup.If Paypal is preferred the cost of the extra fees will be added to the price of the bike.
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