Vintage Motorcycle Spares Australia - From Adler to Zundapp
Rubber Products:
Set of 2 Rubber Hand Grips
2 Black Hand Grips suit all early CZ and Jawa Models. You will get one left and one right.
Price: $36.00
Rubber Hand Grips Black
1 Pair of rubber handgrips
Jawa/CZ 1964 - 1975
Price: $24.00
Jawa / CZ Foot Rest Rubbers
Vintage Motorcycle Parts:
1 Pair of Footrest Rubbers Jawa/CZ
Will fit most models.
Price: $24.50
Pillion Foot Rest Rubber (pair)
Passenger Footrest Rubber
New, fits all Jawa Models
Top Quality
Price: $20.00
Head Light Nacelle Rubber
1 Headlight Nacelle Rubber
Price: $5.00
Rubber Sealing Ring Jawa
Rubber Sealing Ring fits rear wheel with splined sprocket.
Price: $2.00
Jawa Rubber Sealing Ring
Rubber sealing ring for rear wheel.
New Old Stock
Price: $2.00
Rear Wheel Sealing Rubber (Jawa)
1 Pair of Rear Wheel Sealing Rubbers for rear wheel Plunger models
Price: $3.00
Lamp Holder Rubber CZ (Pair)
1 Pair of Lampholder rubbers for CZ models: 471, 476, 477, 482
Measurements: 5cm outside diameter, 3cm inside, 0.8cm thick
Price: $5.00
Bottom Lamp Nacelle Rubber
1 Pair for pressed steel triple clamp models.
Price: $5.00
Carburettor to Filter Sleeve
Rubber carburettor-to-filter sleeve.

7.5cm high, lrg hole 5.5cm inside, sml hole 3cm inside.
Price: $15.00
Gear Box Output Shaft Seal
Gearbox Output Shaft Seal for Jawa 250-350 cc (29mm diam)
Price: $2.00
Rubber Mould for Tail Light Glass
Rubber mould for tail light glass
Early model Jawa
Price: $10.00
Rubber Cushion for Jawa/CZ
Rubber cushion for most Jawa/CZ with cushion drive hubs
Price: $20.00
Mud Flap Jawa
Mud Flap Jawa Black
17cm x 20cm
Postage in Australia $8.50
Price: $30.00
Mud Flap CZ
Mud Flap CZ Black
17cm x 20cm
Postage in Australia $8.50
Price: $30.00

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