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VMX Classic Twin Port 250 cc 557 JAWA Scrambler  Replica

Here we have for sale a "brand new"  250cc Jawa VMX scrambler replica that I have just finished.
This 250 jawa is eligible for pre-60s to pre 70s classic scrambles.
This is the 4rth scrambler replica that I have built . The 1st one I have been racing with the classic scramble club of Victoria  since 2009 with very good results and many trophies to prove it.
The 2nd one sits in somebody's showroom  and the 3rd is also being raced in the Victorian club.
If you are looking for a classic twin port 2 stroke scrambler and don't want to spent 20K on an (overprized) twin port CZ then the Jawa offers a great alternative at less then a 3rd of the price of a CZ.
The Jawa replica is based on a 557 factory scrambler , they were built in small numbers during the late 50s in the Czech Republic. They are rare in Australia as only a handful were imported.
I have used the engine , frame and forks of the 559 road bike . the 559 offers only 14HP  where as the 557 had about 20 HP. not a lot today but quite adequate for 1950s standards.
I have re worked the 559 engine and am confident that its performance  is as good as a factory 557 scrambler.
Many new parts were used ,chain+ sprockets,tyres,rims,spokes,tubes,rimlocks,fork seals,etc.
the engine was completely stripped down, new Big-end ,crank and gearbox bearings, piston+rings.
also a new primary drive chain was fitted together with new clutch plates.
The ignition is a simple but reliable battery points system with a small 6volt battery . there is no alternator but you can race all day long on 1 battery charge. a spare battery cost only $ 25.
bore x stroke 65 x 75mm, engine number : 557 RS 69595.
4 speed with 1st, 2nd,and 3rd gear in fairly close ratio and the 4th acting like an "overdrive"
with this set up the bike is easy to ride on most classic bike tracks and 4th is only used on the long straights.
carburettor is a 32mm jikov of a 250 vmx CZ.
the rear shocks are from a CZ enduro . the forks are Jawa with heavy duty springs.
front wheel rim size 1.6 x 21"  , "Mitas" 2.75 -21 tyre .
rear wheel rim size 1.85 x 18" , "Mitas" 4.00-18" tyre.
Mitas tyres are readily available ,they are made in the Czech republic and were often sold under the BARUM brand name.
Vintage Motorcycle Spares Australia can supply Mitas tyres with their mail order service.
we can also supply every other part that you might need if you buy this scrambler or decide to build one yourself.
It took about 120 hours to build this scrambler so we think that the asking price of $ 5950 is very reasonable.
We can assist with transport at extra cost.If you want to speak to Rick ring 0422660561.
Read this before you commit to buy:
We give an honest description of the bike and buyers are encouraged to come and view this motorcycle before buying or bidding.Payment by direct debit into our bank account. A deposit of $250 via PayPal will be accepted, the remaining has to be paid cash, bank cheque or by direct debit into our account within 7 days of buying or winning this vintage motorcycle.Viewing and pickup: Tahara Bridge 3315 Victoria.

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