Vintage Motorcycle Spares Australia - From Adler to Zundapp
This bike was discovered after 22 years in dry storage.
It is in very original unmolested condition, has good compression and zundapps  own super smooth gear change system.
The following  things have been done since this bike came out of its long sleep;
·      New tube in rear tyre
·      New battery
·      The seat has been proffesionally recovered
·      Thorough check of fuel sytem,the tank was cleaned out and has,thanks to           the    oily petrolresidue,very little rust.
·      The carburettor has been internally cleaned  ,the jets re-calibrated.
·      The ignition system has been inspected ,the pointgap and timing re-set and a new sparkplug was fitted
·      Fresh oil was put in the gearbox
·      A few  kicks on the starter and this beautifully built
        Example of German engineering sprang back to life!
Sold new by Sven Kallin in Adelaide in 1954 this Zundapp  250 Elastic was owned many years by local identity Joey Dunlop who owned a motorcycle wrecking business and used the Zundapp  to deliver parts .
Eventually the Zundapp was sold and stored by its new owner for 22 years.
When I purchased this bike it came with a second bike ,in bits and pieces, that I now want to restore.
I don’t need 2 identical zundapps ,therefore I have decided to sell the original unrestored bike and keep the second bike for myself.
The Zundapp is in a very good unrestored condition, some paintwork has been touched up over the years but most of it is still the factory paint from 1954!
The chrome tank sidepanels still look very lustrous but there is a small dent on the RH-side.
There is not much needed to put her back on the road, all the electrics work, brakes are good.
The chain and sprocket run in a fully enclosed case and are in excellent condition.
The twist grip and exhaust-muffler appear to be not genuine but apart from that this is a very original 1950s motorcycle.
The new owner will also get a copy of the  owner’s manual.
Note that the tyres are also from the 1950s! a Olympic speedster on the front and a Dunlop Universal on the rear. Hear and see the Zundapp going.
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Zundapp 250 Elastic
BARNFIND 1954 ZUNDAPPThis bike was discovered after 22 years in dry storage.It is in very original unmolested condition, has good compression and zundapps own super smooth gear change system.
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